Get familiar with various JavaScript concepts through small projects. Fork/Clone the repository and kick off your journey to understand JavaScript.

See project source, read existing code, rethink actual idea in your imagination and get your idea working while you debug through any errors, bugs.

The repository contain vanilla JavaScript projects, React projects and quick introduction to Redux. All you need is a Laptop, VS Code, few VS Code plugins to automate syntax checking, formatting etc. to get working.

There is no requirement for any sign ups etc. Ideal recommendation is to take on one project a day/week and solve it in your own way. Once you are confident with JavaScript, try building a major project that involves routing, styling, data and ideally a JS framework to bypass DOM manipulation. Complement your learning with LeetCode, CodeWars.

The purpose of this project is to learn JavaScript concepts and encourage understanding of various JavaScript topics through small doable practical examples. It allows you a chance to perform code review, understand structure of an existing project, gives a head start by providing a template to build your own version of the example at hand. While you go through the example sets, complement the learning by picking up a JS book like Eloquent JavaScript on the side or a video lecture series. Once you gain a strong foundation, find a real world problem around you and try to solve it using JavaScript. Keep improving your application over time and you will eventually fall in love with practice of programming in JavaScript.

Over your journey of learning JavaScript, you may find times where you feel like quitting. Consistency/Grit will play a major factor to help you fight those bouts and come out stronger. One of the reason people end up in that situation is because either a problem at hand does not excite them or they try to follow a video series/perfect code written by someone else. Facing a bug, lack of platform to ask questions can be a difficult situation. That is why this project was prepared so you get into habit of reading source code, figure out how you will plan it yourself, write pseudocode, solve bugs and eventually refine your program that adheres to modern practices.


Download following things before you proceed:


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